Pied Piper Nursery

We are a family owned business with over 25 years' service in delivering and satisfying the childcare and educational needs of our local community.

The nursery is directed by myself, Valerie Cox and managed on aday to day basis by our professional management team of four headed by our very capable, competent and experienced Nursery Manager, Toni Thomson, who has held this position since we opened the nursery in May 1991.

With a degree in Business Administration, a professional career and two young children I experienced firsthand just how difficult it was to juggle successfully a career together with parenthood. At that time it also became rapidly apparent how little childcare there was which met with my expectations and requirements.

I was also the main 'breadwinner' in our family at that time and had no option other than to work long hours so, to me, it seemed imperative that young children should be cared for in as near to a home environment as was physically possible. I felt that they should be able to go out to play in a secure garden, that they should visit the local parks. As a relatively new parent back then I felt that they must learn how to eat healthily from day one and to value their health. I felt that their time outwith home should be geared primarily around their needs and should fill all the gaps that I could not whilst I was at work. Perhaps most of all I also wanted them to feel the love and security that I could not provide whilst I was working.

And so, although I believed that many other professional parents had the same desires as myself, Pied Piper Nursery was originally born from what I determined were my needs and wants for own children. To summarise, I wanted the highest quality childcare I could secure for my children.

Since then, of course, the nursery has grown and developed in every respect along with my children. My elder daughter has fulfilled the role of Early Years Practitioner for nine years and is currently one of our Deputy Managers. I have three granddaughters, all of whom are proud proteges of the nursery and last but not least, my husband takes responsibility for the maintenance of the nursery alongside running his own business.

Whilst I mentioned at the beginning of this introduction that we are a family owned nursery we are also very much a "family run" nursery as well. We have a very loyal and mixed team of staff, many of whom have worked with us for a substantial period of time, and we pride ourselves in encouraging a family atmosphere in the way that we operate the nursery. This applies equally to staff and children alike with all staff being called by their first names and hugs being the order of the day.

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