Terms & Conditions

Opening Hours and Dates. The nursery operates for children between the hours of 8.00am - 6.00pm Monday and Friday for 50 weeks of the year. We are closed for two weeks over the Christmas/New Year period and no parent is charged for this period. This is reflected in the monthly fees as all fees due are annualised and then split into an equal monthly sums payable throughout the year. Should you require to drop your child off a little earlier than this it may be possible but would incur an additional charge. If required this should be discussed directly with the Nursery Management.

Admissions Policy. We operate an Equal Opportunities Policy for both staff and children and, therefore our Admissions Policy is totally non-discriminatory in relation to such aspects as a child's origins, religion, physical or emotional restrictions.

Attendance and Offers of Placement. All Offers of Placement are valid for a maximum of 10 days after issue. If the formal Acceptance is not returned within this period, together with either the retainer or registration fee indicated, then the Offer will be immediately rescinded and the placement will be made available to another child.

All Offers of Placement made will be on the basis of attendance for the full 50 weeks available per annum unless specifically offered on a reduced attendance Academic Term Time basis of a minimum of 41 weeks per annum. Any child attending a reduced attendance placement of 41 weeks will be unable to attend nursery during standard school holidays advised by Glasgow City Council. These places are strictly limited and are restricted to the children of teachers and students. Attendance will be available during "In service" days for teachers.

We have a minimum attendance policy of four sessions per week, each of which comprise of a half day. This may be made up of four half days, two full days, or one full day plus two half days. The reason for imposing this policy as that we have found, from experience, that children who attend the nursery less than this find it difficult to settle and enjoy their experience.

Where any parent requires to modify their child's attendance we will do our utmost to accommodate this wherever possible but, as we have a limited number of full and part time placements available for each age group, this cannot be guaranteed. Accordingly parents are strongly advised not to finalise any arrangements with their employers prior to getting confirmation of availability from us. Where a parent requires to modify their child's attendance fairly regularly it may be necessary to recalculate the child's fees to date to ensure that the correct payment has been made throughout the period of attendance.

Fees. All regular fees are payable monthly in advance, no later than the 28th of the month prior to attendance e.g January fees become due on 28th December. The actual payments made by most parents are made up of a mixture of childcare vouchers for each parent and electronic direct payments therefore it is important to ensure that any voucher payments are also made available by the 28th of each month and, again, in advance. We also accept payment directly from employers, social services and from further education establishments.

Our payment year runs from 1st August - 31st July for all those attending over a 50 week year and from 1st July - 30th June (to coincide with children leaving for school) for those on an Academic Term Time contract. We operate an annual fee review which takes effect from these dates. Payment is calculated on a 50 week year, annualised and then divided into 12 equal payments. Reduced attendance of 41 weeks per annum is available for the children of teachers and students with fees spread over 12 months wherever possible. Where a child commences their placement during a month, or year, the total number of weeks attendance due until the end of our nursery year will be calculated and then split into the relevant number of equal monthly payments. No rebates are available for general non-attendance.

Failure to pay as per the foregoing may result in the immediate retraction of the placement. We reserve the right to impose a financial penalty on any parent who does not collect their child on time and on any parent who is more than two weeks late in the payment of their fees. Persistent failure to adhere to our Terms and Conditions will result in the retraction and reallocation of the child's placement.

All placements require either [a] a one-off, non-refundable Registration Fee of £100 or [b] a Retainer equivalent to 50% of the first full month's fees which will be returned when the child terminates their placement. Should subsequent children from the same family take up places, no further retainer will be due as these will be passed over to the younger child, however, if a registration fee has been paid then further registration fees will be due. Where a registration fee has been paid and the placement is then terminated, should a new placement subsequently be requested within the nursery a further/new registration fee will then be due.

Where a retainer is paid and the placement is not subsequently taken up a minimum of three months notice is required in order for the retainer to be repaid as we will have held back this placement for this child.

Absence due to Holidays and Illness Due to the high level of costs incurred in operating our quality childcare establishment, we regret that we cannot reduce the costs of the first two weeks of consecutive absence due to either holidays or illness. However, the cost of any subsequent consecutive absence up to a maximum of four weeks will be reduced by 25%. As all staff and general overheads remain to be met whilst your child is absent, we trust that you will appreciate the need to maintain our charge.

Please note that all holidays require to be notified in writing, or by email, at least two weeks prior to departure.

Meals. If you are in receipt of optional meals these will not be charged during pre-notified holidays. In the event of absence due to illness, however, these meals will continue to be charged as all arrangements will already have been made to supply these.

General and Infectious Illnesses. Where staff are of the belief that a child is unwell, parents will be informed immediately to enable you the opportunity of arranging a doctor's appointment where necessary and will be expected to make arrangements for the child to be collected from nursery as soon as is humanly possible to ensure the minimum of discomfort and upset to the child and also to minimise the spread of any illness.

It is appreciated that many of the children attending the nursery are those whose own parents are doctors. Unfortunately, however, it is common policy that 'self diagnosis' of the child is not accepted and that they should be diagnosed by the child's own doctor.

Please consider the staff and other children within the nursery and do not bring your child to nursery if he or she is unwell. Please inform the nursery if your child is unwell, even if they are not due at nursery, as this enable us to keep a tight control on infectious illnesses. If they are due to attend and cannot do so as a result of illness please let us know and, if possible, their anticipated return date.

Parents will be notified of any relevant illness contracted by a child which may adversely affect either their child or a pregnant mother.

In the case of an emergency, the individual in charge reserves the right to remove a child to hospital or call a doctor to examine the child.

Collection. Parents must inform the nursery staff of any change in collection arrangements. Where an adult, unknown to the staff, is to collect a child the parent should inform the staff in advance and provide a photograph of this adult prior to the collection. This is to ensure the safety and security of the child. Please do not be offended if we do not let you into the building to collect your own child whilst we verify both who you are and that you are permitted to collect the child.

Valuables. Please do not allow your child to bring valuables, sweets, food or drink to the nursery, the exception being a "comforter". We cannot take responsibility for any valuables and we regularly have children attend nursery who suffer from severe food allergies.

Termination of Placement. Four weeks written notice is required prior to termination of a child's placement whether this is instigated by the parent or, in the very rare event, by the nursery management. The exception to this would be where the nursery management feel that either other children or staff are being put at risk and in such circumstances termination may be immediate. Please note that additional conditions apply to those attending on an Academic Term Time Contract.

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