Health & Happiness

In order to give the children the best possible start to a long and healthy life we pride ourselves in encouraging the children within our care to establish a healthy eating regime at an early age. Included within the full time and daily fees are a two course lunch, mid morning and afternoon snacks. For part time children attending only in the morning, lunch is an optional extra.

We employ experienced cooks who prepare fresh and, perhaps more importantly, nutritious meals as part of our quest to enable the children to participate in the best start possible.

We operate a four weekly balanced menu which has been developed in conjunction with parents. A copy of our menus are made available to all parents and details of the day's meals are provided on notices throughout the nursery together with details of how the younger children have eaten each day. The children are encouraged to eat a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables within their meals, albeit sometimes without their knowledge as it is quite astonishing just how many of our children adore 'orange' soup but very few apparently like carrot soup! The children regularly eat raw vegetables for snack and are encouraged to eat every kind of fruit. They are also encouraged to drink milk and water with their meals and snacks. Wherever possible we endeavour to provide non-genetically modified food, free of additives, colouring and allergen free.

web12As the children are generally offered very little in the way of 'finger food', all children are encouraged in the use of cutlery from an early age, which they just love, and are also encouraged in the use of good table manners which stands them in good stead in their adult lives. The older children use table cloths and assist in setting their tables. In this day and age it is unfortunately astounding just how many teenagers can still not use cutlery competently and are sadly lacking in table manners!

Whilst we have always adhered to this premise, in recent years Glasgow City Council have introduced and promoted the importance of good oral hygiene and healthy eating.

Our staff are of the highest calibre and are handpicked to provide an ideal balance of youth, energy, maturity and experience. All of the staff are encouraged to show their affection to the children and cuddles are the order of the day whilst at the same time promoting positive behaviour! The staff are all, of course, fully vetted in adherence with the guidelines imposed by our industry regulator, Scottish Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland. This involves a full police check by Disclosure Scotland. All staff continue to participate regularly in on-going training provided by various private training organisations and Glasgow South Childcare Partnership Forum. In addition to our own staff we complement our facilities by providing the optional services of regular classes from independent dance and music teachers.

Our staff will endeavour to identify any particular aptitudes your child may have in a specific area and, with your permission and cooperation, we will encourage your child to develop such talents.


The staff, and every other aspect of the nursery, are fully insured to cover any and every eventuality possible, however, we do ask for one specific disclaimer. Whilst we are happy to accept children with severe food and contact allergies, and have many years experience in dealing with these children, in light of a recent prosecution we cannot accept responsibility in the event of a severe, or fatal anaphylactic reaction.

All of the foregoing combine to ensure that your child is happy whilst enjoying the best possible care, emotional and physical security, stability and educational development.

web20Hygiene and Safety

It is imperative that the children become aware of the dangers that surround them and the measures required to minimise these such as personal hygiene, road safety and the general dangers of life in our society. These are all regularly covered within our curriculum

Policies of the Nursery

We have a full range of policies in force which are adhered to at all times. These include such issues as Health and Safety, Child Discipline, Equal Opportunities, Complaints, Safe Sleeping in conjunction with the National Cot Death Trust etc. These are available to all parents on request and a full copy of each company policy is available at all time on the Parent's Information Board.

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