Pied Piper Nursery has participated in, and secured, accreditation in the pre-5 specific Quality Assurance Scheme formulated by Glasgow University Education Department commissioned on behalf of the Scottish Independent Nurseries Association. This organisation has now been integrated within the National Day Nurseries Association but was originally set up in 1991 by concerned private nursery owners who wished to ensure that only quality care and education were offered in the private sector. I was in the inaugural chairperson of this association and great strides forward were made by this association prior to integration.

We have received full accreditation by Investors in People.

We have been, and are, in full educational funding Partnership with Glasgow City Council since it's inception. Accordingly we have been fully inspected and approved regularly by HMIe for Schools in respect to our pre-school educational element. We are also inspected annually by what was the Care Commission and is now the SCSWIS, in respect to all age groups and aspects of care and education to ensure that we continue to offer the best possible standards for your child. We have consistently received the praise of our various regulators.

Copies of any of these reports are available to all parents, and prospective parents, online or upon request. In addition to these we have a Parent's Information board which contains, amongst other items, details of all Company Policies operated within the nursery.

As children learn more in their first five years of life than at any other time, we feel it important not to provide formal lessons to the youngest children as they learn very gradually and at differing paces. We will, however, teach them their life skills and encourage them to consider and explore new ideas and new ways of doing things by means of trying them out for themselves, or with other children. The emphasis at all times will be on quality education, delivered in a relaxed and happy environment, by mentors who understand your child and are familiar with their development.

For the older children we offer the Wise Owls Preparatory Class for all children in their pre-school year and the Owlets Class for the ante pre-school children (3-4 years). These classes are run on a formal basis for three hours per day and are integrated into the daily routine throughout the Academic year of thirty eight weeks, although the nursery continues to run for the full fifty weeks. For those children who do not attend every day, optional classes are available during these terms.

These classes are subsidised by the Educational Grants available for all pre-school and ante pre-school children and are open to all children whether or not they require additional care. The amount of this grant is currently £1998 pa and is available to all children eligible within the nursery.

In order to prepare the children fully for life and school we concentrate initially on following the Pre-Birth to Three Document whose four key principles are Responsive Care, Relationships, Respect and the Rights of the Child. We then focus on the Curriculum for Excellence which concentrates on developing the children into Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens. Building The Ambition is the latest educational guidance introduced. This incorporates the aforementioned documents and recognizes the importance of nurture in the child's development. More in depth information on the structure and content of the curriculum and how we deliver it can be discussed during your initial visit to the nursery and throughout your child's time with us.

Parents are regularly supplied with planning information pertaining to their child in conjunction with progress reports. On occasions videos are taken of the children's daily routines and played within the nursery to allow parents to participate in their children's lives fully. Photographs are taken, displayed within the nursery and again distributed to parents along with their child's reports.

Information Technology


With our world becoming more and more technically oriented we feel it only prudent that your child be introduced to computers at an early age. Accordingly your child will be acquainted with educational software on our computer by the age of three and will have no fear when faced with a new computer at school. We will also supply you with details of the websites that they visit and use to play educational games thus enabling you to assist them when playing at home.




In addition to daily outdoor activities within the nursery garden and local parks the children regularly attend the local library for storytelling; they go on trips by local transport to a variety of museums throughout the city; visits to the pantomime and other children's shows; and the older children have a daytrip to the seaside in May, weather permitting.

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